Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blogging for B&B

Blogging seems to be a good way to promote your Bed&Breakfast. With the help of blog-creating services like the Blogger, you can create an almost real, at least well-functioning, and, here come the best part - FREE OF CHARGE - web-page for your B&B. In fact, you can put any content that you would put on a custom-made web-page. But using blogs saves you time, money and doesn't demand any special knowledge about web-design.

Going through existing blogs one can make a list of good ideas to be used in your own blog. Here are some of them:

- Blog gives you enough space to put in as much information as you want. You can divide it in defferent pages, so that it is easy to read. You can put in anything from the history of the foundation to the economical numbers if you wish.

- You can describe facilities and put as many pictures as you like, even vidoes.

- You can provide your guests with up-to-date information about weather, driving conditions, breakfast menu, anything you can think of.

- You can communicate with your guests, they can leave reviews, feedback and comments. You can also connect your blog to your Facebook profile, and have the main communication there.

- You can share recipes of your breakfast specialities. Don't forget to add good pictures.

- You can also integrate your booking-system if you like. I was pleasantly surprised seeing that some inn-keepers actually do that.

- If you don't have a booking motor, you can put information about prices and update availability manually.

- You can announce special deals or events.

- You can provide some information about what to do in the ares, which attractions to visit, how to get places by public transportation.

- You can even earn money by advertising on your blog.

- You can integrate the Google Translation Bar which will allow guests from different countries to understand the content of your blog.

Here some examples:
Ivy Lodge
Minnesota B&B Blog
The Thurston House Times
GuateFriends Bed & Breakfast

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